40-60% of all women and men suffer from spider veins

Here you find detailed information about spider veins and their symptoms

Symptoms and complaints of spider veins

Apart from their unsightly appearance, spider veins may also cause symptoms. References to stabbing pain, swollen legs, tingling, and other abnormal sensations on the legs can be found every now and then in the literature.

In the Bonn Vein Study, patients with spider veins frequently complained of a feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs. Cramps, restless legs, and itching were also associated with spider veins. It must be said, however, that people without spider veins may also complain of these problems.

Spider veins are usually only an aesthetic concern, which is bad enough in itself. Surveys have shown that spider veins bother women much more than any other cosmetic problem. Thus, while spider veins are physically painful for some, for others they represent more of a psychological stress than a physical one.