Elimination and treatment of spider veins

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Conservative treatment of spider veins

Conservative treatment for chronic vein disease includes compression therapy and medication. Some experts also count sporting activities and vein training as conservative treatment methods.

Although they serve to relieve the symptoms, none of these conservative measures actually eliminates spider veins. Conservative treatment is therefore usually employed as preventive measure or to support other forms of treatment.

Compression therapy

As a rule, compression therapy is used for large varicose veins and plays a more minor role in treating spider veins – even though compression stockings can improve the blood flow in spider veins as well.

Medication in the treatment of spider veins

Vein products are available in the form of sprays, ointments, and gels to be applied to the skin or as tablets and capsules to be taken by mouth. The effects of most vein products for external use have not been proved scientifically, so their use remains controversial. Promises made by some products that spider veins will disappear with regular use, should be viewed with caution, because it is a fact that once spider veins have appeared, they will not go away without treatment from a doctor.

Oedema-protective agents are worthwhile

Oral vein products such as oedema-protective agents certainly make a lot of sense in vein disease – they demonstrably relieve symptoms in the legs and reduce the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. With varicose veins, the vein walls are more permeable to components of the blood. As a result, abnormal quantities of fluid collect in the tissues (oedema). Studies have shown that oedema-protective agents reduce the pathological (abnormal) permeability of the vein wall and counteract fluid accumulation. These agents are most effective when taken prophylactically, i.e. before the oedema develops.

When spider veins cause symptoms, these vein tablets may relieve the complaints. Mild medicinal products that are frequently used contain troxerutin as the active ingredient (e.g. Troxeven® in Germany).
Oedema-protective agents are available at pharmacies and have been used traditionally to relieve the feelings of heaviness and swelling in the legs.

Nevertheless, these oedema-protective agents cannot eliminate spider veins either and, as a general rule, they cannot and should not replace other preventive measures or professional medical treatment.