Optimal diagnostic investigation of the veins is the basis for successful treatment

These investigations are non-invasive and painless

Diagnosis of spider veins and varicose veins

Get a check-up promptly

Many people still consider varicose veins to be merely a cosmetic problem and not a disease. But a timely visit to the doctor can prevent the varicose veins getting worse and giving rise to complications later. Especially if you experience swelling and pain in the legs or the varicose veins change, you should no longer delay seeing a doctor.

Spider veins may also be an early warning sign of vein problems. In particular, the pronounced spider veins may cause symptoms and often occur together with larger varicose veins. To be on the safe side, go and see your general practitioner or a vein specialist, even if you think you might only have spider veins.

That is the first step towards attractive and healthy legs, as a thorough examination by a doctor is the basis for the optimal success of treatment. There are surgical and minimally invasive techniques as well as expensive and more cost-effective forms of treatment. The most important thing to realise is that not all treatments for varicose veins are painful.

Vein specialists – phlebologists

As for any health issues, you can of course first of all talk to your general practitioner, who will then refer you to a specialist if necessary. The expert for all questions relating to vein disease is the vein specialist or phlebologist, who will determine whether your veins are only a cosmetic problem or whether a more pronounced vein disease has already developed.

Vein specialists are usually qualified in the medical specialties of general surgery, vascular surgery, dermatology (skin specialists), general practice (GPs/family doctors), or general internal medicine. This may differ from country to country.

These doctors will have many years’ experience of diseases of the vein system and/or have undergone further specialist training in phlebology.

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