Varicose veins are a common disease

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Are vein tablets useful for spider veins?

Medicinal products (medicines) known as oedema-protective agents can be taken in the form of tablets to relieve the symptoms of vein problems.

With varicose disease, the vein walls become more permeable to components of the blood. As a result, fluid collects in the tissues – this is called oedema. Oedema-protective agents reduce the pathological (abnormal) permeability of the vein wall and thus counteract fluid accumulation. These tablets are most effective when the medicine is already taken as a prophylaxis before oedema develops.

Oedema-protective agents may also relieve the symptoms that can be caused by spider veins, such as swelling of the ankles and a feeling of tension or heaviness in the legs. So yes, these medicines may be useful if you have spider veins or any of the previously mentioned symptoms occurring before any spider veins or varicose veins are visible.

Troxerutin (e.g. Troxeven® in Germany) is a mild medicinal product frequently used traditionally for this purpose. In general, the use of an oedema-protective agent supports but cannot and should not replace professional medical treatment from a doctor. Troxerutin is safe and should be used for a long time, as the chronic course of most vein disease requires such products to be used regularly if treatment is to be successful. How long you should go on using the medicine depends on how the condition progresses and what symptoms you have.