Varicose veins are a common disease

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Frequently asked questions

Are spider veins a purely cosmetic problem?

Spider veins are usually regarded as an aesthetic or cosmetic problem, but they are not always just that. Spider veins may cause symptoms, especially when they are very pronounced. They may be the first visible signs of venous insufficiency that will become worse with time. Although spider veins are not usually considered to be a true disease, they are tortuous dilated veins with dysfunctional valves – just like the large varicose veins.

Many people think that even varicose veins are a purely aesthetic problem, especially if they do not cause any symptoms. Large varicose veins may, however, give rise to complications and should be treated. Anyone who does not see a doctor until complications have developed (deep vein thrombosis, for example) has waited too long. The earlier venous disease is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat and the lower the risk of serious complications.

Spider veins may occur alone or together with large varicose veins. Before treating spider veins, therefore, the doctor must always check whether the patient already has significant varicose disease. For these reasons, you should err on the side of caution and go to see your general practitioner or a vein specialist/phlebologist even if you just have spider veins.