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How much does micro-sclerotherapy cost?

As a rule, spider veins are regarded as a cosmetic problem and not as a medical condition. Treatment for purely aesthetic reasons is not considered a reimbursable service that has to be covered by the statutory health insurance. Doctors usually offer cosmetic treatment of spider veins as an individual healthcare service, which means you will have to pay for it yourself, in the same way as for injecting wrinkles or fruit acid peels.

Your doctor will certainly make every effort to treat your spider veins in as few sessions as possible and to keep costs as low as possible. The costs of treating spider veins are usually calculated per treatment session. Spider veins differ greatly in their severity and extent, and the state of your connective tissue may also be relevant. For these reasons, only the treating physician can realistically assess the costs you are likely to face. In many cases, costs are between € 50 and € 120 per session. In any case, have your doctor draw up a treatment plan before you start treatment.