Varicose veins are a common disease

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Frequently asked questions

What do I have to do after micro-sclerotherapy of spider veins?

After micro-sclerotherapy you can resume your normal daily activities immediately and can go back to work without delay. However, you are advised not to take part in any strenuous sporting activities for the first 2 weeks. Avoid sessions in the sauna, long hot baths or showers, solaria, and prolonged sunbathing for a few days to a few weeks after treatment. It is difficult to say precisely for how long, so you should rely on the experience and recommendations of the doctor treating you.

To get the best results from treatment, you should wear compression stockings for a while; the length of time depends on the severity and extent of the spider veins. These stockings compress the spider veins and make it easier for the vein walls to stick together and close the veins.

Reactions to the sclerosant in the vein may cause redness of the skin in the treated area. Shortly after treatment, the treated veins therefore sometimes appear more obvious than before. Do not worry about this – you will not see the final results of treatment until your body has broken down the veins after some weeks.