Varicose veins are a common disease

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get rid of spider veins?

You can buy numerous creams, ointments, and sprays that make all sorts of promises. But if you already have unsightly spider veins on your legs, they will not go away without treatment from your doctor. The good news is that there is safe and effective treatment for spider veins.

While vein tablets and compression therapy merely relieve the symptoms, other methods of treatment get to the root of the problem and eliminate spider veins.

According to the German Society of Phlebology treatment guidelines, micro-sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for spider veins and other small varicose veins. It gives very good results.

Even if nothing has helped you before, this treatment offers a good chance of success, although you may have to be prepared to go to the doctor for several treatment sessions if you want the best possible results. You will also have to be patient, as it takes some time for the body to break down the diseased veins and reveal the full effect.