Varicose veins are a common disease

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Can foam sclerotherapy also be used for spider veins?

Instead of the liquid sclerosant used in routine micro-sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy involves the injection of special sclerosant foam into the varicose vein.

According to the European guidelines on the sclerotherapy of varicose veins, micro-sclerotherapy with liquid sclerosant is the method of choice for treating spider veins and small varicose vein, with more than 90% improvement. These guidelines list foam sclerotherapy as an alternative method of treating spider veins, with a similar rate of success and range of side effects.

At the present time, however, the authorities in Germany have not yet approved foam sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins, but only for large varicose veins. Foam sclerotherapy of spider veins can in principle be done as an off-label use within the context of therapeutic freedom of the doctor.
Ask your doctor whether foam sclerotherapy may be the answer for you and whether she or he thinks it is appropriate for you.