Spider veins and varicose veins are a common disease

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The prevention of disease. In the case of varicose veins, prophylaxis is also considered to be a delaying of their development. It is always worthwhile, because in most cases there is an inherited predisposition and our modern lifestyle contributes to the development of varicose veins. Weight control and exercise is the key. Sporting activities such as gymnastics, swimming, Nordic walking, and cycling activate the muscle pump. Wearing compression stockings and taking oedema-protective agents are also advisable. After showering in the morning, the legs should always be given a short cold shower starting at the feet and working up to the thighs; this closes the vessels again and the legs feel lighter. However, the success of prophylactic measures depends on their regular use. In any case, go and see your general practitioner or a vein specialist (phlebologist) at the first sign of varicose veins and especially if you have any acute symptoms in the legs.