Spider veins and varicose veins are a common disease

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Also called by its acronym PPG or light reflexion rheography (LRR). Painless and bloodless procedure for diagnosis of venous disease with infrared light. It determines the refill time of the veins, which allows their condition and function to be assessed. A sensor is placed on the inside of the lower leg. The patient sits down and is asked to raise and lower the toes 10 times to activate the muscle pump and transport the blood in the leg veins towards the heart. This action empties the veins. The foot is then held still and the veins refill relatively slowly if they are healthy. With venous disease, the valves do not close properly and the blood flows backwards, filling the veins much more quickly than is the case if the veins are healthy. The shorter the refill time, the more severe the venous disease. The refill time in healthy legs is more than 25 seconds, but refilling takes less than 10 seconds with severe venous disorders.