Spider veins and varicose veins are a common disease

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Haemorrhoids are often wrongly considered to be varicose veins of the bottom. Everyone, however, has this ring-like vascular cushion in the anus (back passage) that helps to keep the end of the bowel properly closed. Having haemorrhoids is therefore a normal and not a diseased state. It only becomes a disease (called haemorrhoidal disease) when the vascular cushion is enlarged and causes symptoms. When someone says “I’ve got haemorrhoids” they actually mean the disease, commonly known as piles. Once the vascular cushion is enlarged, it rarely shrinks on its own. Haemorrhoidal disease may cause bleeding during bowel movements as well as itching, burning, and a foreign body sensation. Left untreated, the condition progresses and gives rise to a mucus discharge. Sclerotherapy is one way of treating haemorrhoidal disease.